Reported Crop and Property Damage from Mid-Atlantic Tropical Storms and Hurricanes

This tool is excerpted from Chesapeake Bay Watershed Climate Impacts Summary and Outlook for Fall 2019.

Key Findings

  • The figure below shows the reported crop damage and reported property damage in United States dollars ($) for all hurricanes and tropical storms in the NOAA National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI) Storm Events database occurring between 1996 to 2018.1
  • From reported damage in the NCEI database, the most impacted counties are those in Maryland, New Jersey and eastern Virginia.

How To Use the Tool

To view changes in reported damage from hurricanes and tropical storms, users can select a time period of interest (top right slider), a state of interest (drop down menu), as well as the type of reported damage. Users can also view a pop-up window with additional hurricane impacts by hovering their mouse over a given county.

Technical Notes

Dollar values shown are reported in the year in which a storm event occurred. Hurricane and tropical storm events are reported by National Weather Service (NWS) forecast zone. In some cases, the forecast zone may include multiple counties, or a single county may include multiple forecast zones. Where forecast zones include multiple counties, reported impacts (injuries, deaths and damage) have been split equality between the included counties. Events occurring in counties with multiple forecast zones have not been merged. The NCEI database is a self-reported database consisting of damage data reported by states and agencies impacted by natural disasters. As such, it is limited by the accuracy, completeness and number of locations that reported natural disaster impacts.

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