Our Team

The MARISA team is comprised of interdisciplinary researchers with broad expertise in climate science and decision making. Our team includes personnel from the RAND Corporation, Penn State University, Johns Hopkins University, and Cornell University.

Project Staff

Lead Principal Investigators

Debra Knopman, PhD

Senior Principal Researcher, RAND Corporation

Klaus Keller

Klaus Keller, PhD

Professor of Geosciences, The Pennsylvania State University


Ben Hobbs

Benjamin Hobbs, PhD

Director, Environment, Energy, Sustainability & Health Institute and Schad Professor of Environmental Management, The Johns Hopkins University

Melissa Finucane, PhD

Senior Behavioral and Social Scientist, RAND Corporation

Jordan Fischbach, PhD

Full Policy Researcher, RAND Corporation

Robert Nicholas

Robert Nicholas, PhD

Research Associate, Earth and Environmental Systems Institute, The Pennsylvania State University

Senior Researchers

Art DeGaetano

Arthur DeGaetano, PhD

Professor of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Cornell University

Robert Lempert, PhD

Principal Physical Scientist, RAND Corporation

Program Manager

neil berg, b1012, neil berg, b1012

Neil Berg, PhD

Associate Physical Scientist, RAND Corporation

Advisory Committee

MARISA has established an Advisory Committee comprised of academic, business, community, resource management, and agency representatives to provide feedback on research relevance across the region and advise the team with an external perspective on potential barriers and opportunities. Current members of the Advisory Committee include:

Ellen Mecray

NOAA Regional Climate Services Director-Eastern Division

Zoe Johnson

NOAA Chesapeake Bay Program Climate Change Coordinator

Mary Ratnaswamy

Co-Director, DOI Northeast Climate Services Center

Genevieve LaRouche

Head, Chesapeake Bay Field Office, US FWS Region 5

Leon Clarke

Joint Global Change Research Institution and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Susanne Moser

Susanne Moser Research and Consulting

Kristin Baja

Climate and Resilience Planner, Baltimore City