Toolkit for Integrating Land Use and Transportation Decision-Making

The Toolkit for Integrating Land Use and Transportation Decision-Making is a transportation planning model. The Toolkit is a set of project implementation tools for planners and decision-makers and includes additional funding resources, project management tools for coordination with related environmental and public health projects, and visualization tools.

Federal Highway Administration
Model Information
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Spatial Resolution
Model analytical tools are GIS based. Analysis scale is a metropolitan region. Specific grid resolution varies by the model application.
Temporal Resolution
The defined time step varies, but timescales are compatible with planning decisions, on the order of years.
Model generates project planning resources and information and information on public engagement.
Intended User
decision maker
Model Type
Inclusion of Climate Change
Incorporation of climate data varies by model.
Geographic Region
Data Requirements
some data sets built in
Source Code Availability
closed source
Computational Burden
Scenario Modeling
not applicable
Coding Language
Operating System
not applicable
Mathematical Approach
spatial analysis
Maintenance Plan
Date of Last Known Update
not available
User Manual
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