iTREE is an urban and rural forest management land use suite of models designed to quantify the benefits provided by area trees. Benefits are quantified based on carbon sequestration, pollution reduction, water retention and urban heat island effects.

USDA Forest Service
Model Information
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Spatial Resolution
Spatial resolution ranges from the individual tree to state forest scale.
Temporal Resolution
The temporal resolution is most often given in hours. There are year projections as well.
Outputs include storm water retention and quality, energy savings, urban heat island impacts, pollution mitigation and carbon storage potential.
Intended User
decision maker
Model Type
urban development
Inclusion of Climate Change
Climate conditions are not explicitly incorporated.
Geographic Region
Data Requirements
some data sets built in
Source Code Availability
closed source
Computational Burden
not available
Scenario Modeling
scenarios by hand only
Coding Language
GUI, html
Operating System
Mathematical Approach
deterministic, spatial analysis
Maintenance Plan
Date of Last Known Update
not available
User Manual
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